Panchgaon Auto Bricks Limited

Panchgaon Auto Bricks Ltd was established in the year of 2011 which is located in the Panchgaon of Mirzapur upazila of Tangail district on the outskirts of Dhaka. It has been formed by a combined and passionate family of industrious persons over 12 acres of own land beside Gurai to sokhipur high way. Using ultramodern technology, more people in employment, to build a small role for self-reliant Bangladesh and protecting of ecological balance – these realizations were the main reason for setting up the Panchgaon Auto Bricks Ltd. We have brought the one and only fully Korean base bricks technology to produce bricks which are more stress resistant, durable, strong and long lasting than others. About 100,000 bricks per day of production capabilities, Managed by experienced and have enough manpower to maintain the highest professionalism –Panchgaon Auto Bricks Ltd is gradually turning into one of the best brick-producing company in the Bangladesh.

About Us

Our Values

● Honesty

● Commitment

● Hard Work

● Team Work

● Professionalism

● Quality

● Mutual Benefit

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