Panchgaon Auto Bricks Limited


Panchgaon Auto Bricks Ltd was established in the year of 2011 which is located in the Panchgaon of Mirzapur upazila of Tangail district on the outskirts of Dhaka. It has been formed by a combined and passionate family of industrious persons over 12 acres of own land beside Gurai to sokhipur high way. It is producing and delivering Auto Bricks only.

Brick making is considered an ancient art. It has been used from the ancient time and are still used enormously in modern construction in everywhere. Bricks of the past were different than these of present time. Modern Bricks are rich in terms of producing technology and differ in materials that are used, how and to what degree they are fired.
For example, Panchgaon Auto Bricks use modern kilns to do the firing work. The molded bricks are fired in a kiln or oven at high temperatures. Bricks are refined by technology and machines are available to produce them in mass quantity in less time.
Panchgaon Auto Bricks is today the leading manufacturer of quality engineered structural clay products, It has expertise in the production of modern structural clay products.

Sourcing Material :
We collect good quality earth sourced from all over the country which containing dissolvent salt or other harmful impurities is treated appropriately.

Environment Friendly :
Environment friendly processes are being maintained because of uses 30% less energy than traditional brick fields, recycles heat generated in the kiln to dry green bricks and eliminates the emission of black smoke laden with CO2 gas.

Our Technology :
Bricks are made by Automatic Machines by Korean Technology. We ensure air space free proper Moulding of clay by our fully automatic machine.

Drying system :
Green / Raw Bricks are drying in a drying chamber with strictly controls temperature, airflow and proffer time.

Firing/Burning Element :
Best quality Coal used as Fuel from Boropukuria. Firing kiln ensures uniform firing, preventing color variations, deformity and shrinkage etc.